Sunday, February 11, 2018

She's an Exquisite Black Queen She is Me Women's T-shirts by Stephanie Lahart

“She’s an Exquisite Black Queen. She is Me.” – Stephanie Lahart. I, Stephanie Lahart, created Exquisite Black Queen Women’s T-shirt Apparel Line to celebrate, inspire, and empower Black women. Back on September 18, 2016 I created the hashtag #ExquisiteBlackQueen on Instagram. I started out by posting pictures of myself and writing captions about what made me an Exquisite Black Queen… An empowered Black woman. Now I’m on a mission to encourage other African-American women to do the same. Post pictures of themselves and share with the world what makes them an Exquisite Black Queen.

Let me share with you what makes me Exquisite! I am a Black Woman… Empowered, Powerful, and Greatness! I’m smart, intelligent, educated, resilient, unapologetic, fearless, and authentic. I’m VERY outgoing, kind, loving, helpful, and friendly. I love the outdoors! I’m a parent to 1 child… My daughter is my heartbeat. She’s in her last year at UCLA… Black Girl in STEM: Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. I take great pride in being a mother that she can love, respect, appreciate, and look up to. Being a parent is an absolute honor and JOY to me. I’m also a wife… 17 plus years to an amazing Black King! My absolute passion and purpose is empowering, inspiring, and impacting at-risk teens lives. They matter!!!

I create all of my tees with purpose. It was important for me to create a t-shirt brand with substance for Black women and girls. Shirts that y’all would feel proud to wear. I refuse to create shirts with stereotypical messages on them. All of my tee shirts are inspirational, motivational, positive, and empowering. A lot of my copyrighted quotes are on my t-shirts. Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m an author and poet of 4 books. My books and eBooks are available on Amazon!

In closing… Please don’t be shy. If you purchase any of my tees, tag me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. SHARE this post with other Exquisite Black Queens, too! Even if you don’t purchase a tee, I still encourage you to post pictures of yourself and celebrate yourself with my hashtag. I look forward to reading about my Sistas… My Exquisite Black Queens! “Black Women are Exquisite Beauty in EVERY Shade!”

If you’re interested in purchasing any of my t-shirt apparel, the links are below!

Exquisite Black Queen Tees Lahart

Empowering Black Women and Black Girls Tees by Lahart

NOTE: If you Google Stephanie Lahart, you’ll find all of my quotes that I share all over social media. Share them with your friends, family, and colleagues, too! I have a variety of quotes ranging from many topics such as love, life, friends, family, relationships, etc. My quotes are authentic because I believe in keeping it real and relatable. If you’re interested in the Exquisite Black Queen quotes only, just Google Stephanie Lahart Exquisite Black Queen Quotes. My quotes can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you share my quotes, please don’t omit my name. Give credit where credit is due.

One Love!

Stephanie Lahart (California Author and Poet)

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