Thursday, August 18, 2016

Powerful And Empowering Quotes for Young Black Men

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I, Stephanie Lahart, have created quotes to empower, inspire, and educate our young black males. These Dear Young Black Male Quotes are real, raw, and genuine. They offer inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and raw truth. What makes my quotes powerful? I discuss topics that most people shy away from.Our young black males need to hear the truth! We simply can't afford NOT to bring certain topics to the forefront. We must talk about what's plaguing our black youth. So I've done just that! Please share my Dear Young Black Male Quotes! With your help, we can flood the web with empowering quotes that truly impact and/or change their young lives!

Think for a moment! Are you African-American? Has your family been negatively impacted by incarceration, fatherless black males, gang violence, drugs, etc? If you answered yes, then you know firsthand why these quotes are important to spread around. I'm saddened when I see all of the negative stuff going viral, but when something of value and substance is shared, it's overlooked and/or ignored. Again, we can't afford to ignore what's affecting our families on a daily basis.

Below you will find 13 quotes that I've created for our black young males. Enjoy and share! Click on each quote to enlarge.