Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Black Love is Beautiful and Powerful

#BlackLoveIsBeautiful #BlackLoveIsPowerful #BlackMarriedCouples 

Black Love is Beautiful and Powerful! Stephanie Lahart created must-have matching couple shirts and t-shirts. Tees for Black Married Couples. Tee for Husband: Husband. Father. King. Blessed Man. Tee for Wife: Wife. Mother. Queen. Blessed Woman. These tees will also make awesome gifts, too. Does YOUR marriage exemplify strong, beautiful, and powerful black love? If so, these are the perfect tees for you and him or you and her. Shop Now & Save!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Empowered Black Male Tee: Black Men Are Beautiful T-shirt

#BlackMen #Beautiful #Empowering

Black Men Are Beautiful T-shirt. This empowering tee is an absolute must-have for black men! Black men have inner qualities that make them shine. Now that's true beauty! Shop Now & Save!

Empowered Black Male Tee: Empowering, Inspiring, and Positive T-shirt for Black Men. "And Still I Thrive!"

#BlackMen #Empowerment #Inspiring

Empowering, inspiring, and positive tee for young black males and black men. This shirt represents courage, bravery, and resilience. "And Still I Thrive!" No matter what you've been through as a black male, you still persevere in spite of it all. You're  a strong black man! And there's nothing wrong with that. Shop Now & Save!

Empowered Blessed Black Man T-shirt

#BlackMen #BlackFathersMatter #BlackMarriage

NEW! Empowering, Inspiring, and Positive Tee for Black Males. "Husband. Father. King. Blessed Man." This shirt will make an awesome gift, too! Shop Now & Save!

Empowered Blessed Black Woman T-shirt

#BlackWomen #BlackMothers #BlackMarriage

Empowering Black Girls Tees by Lahart has a new t-shirt! "Wife. Mother. Queen. Blessed Woman." This shirt will also make a perfect gift! Shop Now & Save!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Powerful And Empowering Quotes for Young Black Men

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I, Stephanie Lahart, have created quotes to empower, inspire, and educate our young black males. These Dear Young Black Male Quotes are real, raw, and genuine. They offer inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and raw truth. What makes my quotes powerful? I discuss topics that most people shy away from.Our young black males need to hear the truth! We simply can't afford NOT to bring certain topics to the forefront. We must talk about what's plaguing our black youth. So I've done just that! Please share my Dear Young Black Male Quotes! With your help, we can flood the web with empowering quotes that truly impact and/or change their young lives!

Think for a moment! Are you African-American? Has your family been negatively impacted by incarceration, fatherless black males, gang violence, drugs, etc? If you answered yes, then you know firsthand why these quotes are important to spread around. I'm saddened when I see all of the negative stuff going viral, but when something of value and substance is shared, it's overlooked and/or ignored. Again, we can't afford to ignore what's affecting our families on a daily basis.

Below you will find 13 quotes that I've created for our black young males. Enjoy and share! Click on each quote to enlarge.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Empowering and Inspiring Our Black Boys and Black Men

#Empowerment #Inspiring #Positivity

Celebrating our black males is important! They deserve to be celebrated too.
Empowered Black Male T-shirts by Lahart offers tees with positive, empowering, and inspiring messages on them. Tees that African-American males will be proud to wear. Stephanie Lahart wanted to create t-shirts for black males that represent positivity, strength, courage, and EMPOWERMENT. Black boys and black men can now wear tees that represent them in a positive light. The letters EBM is on every t-shirt to signify that YOU are an Empowered Black Male! Make sure that you check back often for new designs. PEACE 

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

BOOKISH Black Girl T-shirt

#BookishBlackGirl #BlackGirlAndBooks 

Black Girl and BOOKS. Bookish Black Girl T-shirt created by Stephanie Lahart. Available in various styles and colors. Shop Now & Save!

Friday, August 5, 2016

MUSIC T-shirts And BAND T-shirts

#Music #Musician #Band

Unique Music T-shirt Sayings for Music Lovers, Musicians, and Bands. Music tees that show appreciation for music and musicians. Shop now for your favorite music t-shirt! Various styles and colors to choose from. T-shirts, tank tops, shirts, and tees. If you don’t like the style that you see, no worries. You get to choose!

Dance T-shirt Sayings and Quotes

#Dancer #Dance #Dancing

Dance t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, and tees with cool sayings. Whether you’re a professional dancer or you just enjoy dancing for fun, Dance and Dancer T-shirts by Lahart has got you covered. Dance is Life!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

T-shirts With Positive Quotes and Sayings for Women

#Empowerment #Positive #Inspirational

Empowering, positive, and inspirational quotes t-shirts for women. Various styles and colors to choose from. Shop Now & Save!