Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Natural Beauty is Sexy by Stephanie Lahart

Ladies, you’ve got to learn how to embrace your natural beauty.

Let’s Talk Makeup

Don’t get me wrong, makeup is nice and all, but some of you overdo it. If you look totally different when you take your makeup off, you’re doing too much. Makeup should be worn to enhance your natural beauty, not make you look like somebody that you’re not.

You wear fake eyelashes, drawn on eyebrows, foundation, primer, bronzer, and so many other things that give other people the illusion that your skin is perfect when it’s not.

If you feel like you have to wear makeup to feel pretty, then I’m here to inform you there’s another problem going on within. You shouldn’t have to wear makeup to feel pretty.

In my 40 plus years, I’ve heard it all. Things like: “There’s no way I’d go out without makeup on. No, don’t look at me, I haven’t done my makeup yet. OMG, I look hideous today…I didn’t have time to do my makeup. I look scary without makeup.” And the list literally goes on and on.

It breaks my heart that most women don’t feel pretty without makeup on. If you don’t like what your bare skin looks like, I’d like to offer you some helpful tips.

Instead of hiding behind makeup, take care of your skin so that your natural skin will glow and be healthy. Find a good regimen for your skin that works for your skin type. You should cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your face everyday.

I personally like to use Clinique. It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but it’s well worth it, and it lasts a long time. I also drink ample water, green tea, milk, and healthy smoothies with kale and/or spinach in them. I barely drink soda.

Not to sound vain, but if you look through my pictures, you will see that I barely wear makeup, and I NEVER wear foundation. I personally don’t think you need it if you take care of your skin properly. I don’t even wear blush, but many people think that I do. I have a red undertone in my skin and it shows when I’m REALLY hydrated. 

People always think that I’m wearing foundation, but it’s a blessing to be able to tell them that’s it’s my bare skin. I’m telling you, if you take the time to REALLY take care of your skin every day, you’ll see a difference. You’ve got to allow your skin to breathe.

Many women go to sleep with makeup on or go for days without washing their face. That’s a NO NO. Cleanse your skin! Treat your skin right.

Here’s a Side Note for Some of You Women Out There...

Did you know that most men prefer a natural looking woman? They don’t mind a little makeup, but most don’t care for women who go overboard. It’s true!

Put yourself in their shoes. You think you’ve met a woman who looks one way, but when they take off their makeup, they look totally different. Just imagine! That’s not cool and it’s not fair. Show them who YOU really are. All women are beautiful! You just have to know how to bring it out without using makeup as a crutch.

Love yourself from the inside out, take care of your body from the inside out, and be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t allow makeup to define your beauty.

Rock the natural YOU with confidence!

SELF-CONFIDENCE is sexy ladies!

Accept yourself for who YOU are because you are beautiful!

Written by Stephanie Lahart (California Author & Poet)