Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Want to Be Successful

Jealous and insecure people will secretly hate on a person, but a smart and wise person will observe, ask questions, and learn from that individual.

Instead of being envious of another person’s success, try some of these options instead.

• Read articles about what you’re interested in doing

• Research and educate yourself – What steps do you need to take?

• Go on YouTube and watch some helpful videos

• Google your question – click on well known sources for accurate information

• Ask people who’ve made it for some valuable tips

• Follow a blog that specializes in what you’re interested in

• Go to your local library and check out a helpful book

• Follow successful people on your favorite social media platforms

• And most importantly, change your thinking and attitude

There’s absolutely no reason for you to hate on another person. You can have success too! You’ve got to apply yourself. Allow your passion to motivate you, and be inspired to make YOUR dreams a reality.

Written by Stephanie Lahart (California Author & Poet)