Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Black Relationships And Love Article by Stephanie Lahart

Kings and Queens don’t compete against one another. They support, encourage, and help each other out to the best of their ability. They fully understand that they’re a team. His success is her success and her success is his success.

They build each other up, NEVER tear one another down. They choose their words wisely when they speak. They understand the power of words once spoken. 

They love each other for who THEY are. Respecting one another’s uniqueness, flaws in all. They understand that nobody’s perfect.

They are faithful to one another. They wouldn’t dare entertain foolishness in their relationship. They both know what they have in each other, and no other man or woman could come between them, no matter what! Cheating is total disrespect! That’s not something that they’re willing to play with.

Kings and Queens complement each other very well. They make each other look good. When they step out, people can’t help but to take notice of their blessed union. Their love for one another is genuine and rare. The love that they share is simply beautiful!

The King respects his Queen and the Queen respects her King. Respect is a big deal! They understand that without it, there is no real relationship.

They are one! He feels her pain and she feels his pain. But together, they fight through it all. Giving up is NOT an option for them. They always rise above because they have each other. Together, they represent strength, courage, and wisdom. Their union is the real deal. Oh yes it is!

Communication is important to the both of them. It keeps their relationship healthy.

Their sex life is great! They don’t believe in withholding their love from one another. They don’t play childish games like that. Romance is NOT lacking in their relationship. No neglecting here! LOVE, LOVE, AND MORE LOVE.

They show their appreciation for one another because they understand the importance of doing so. Everybody wants to feel and know that they are appreciated. Everybody!

Never too busy for one another. They understand that “TIME” is valuable. They both understand that balancing work/life/school is of great importance. You should never be too busy for your loved ones.

Trust! Without it, any relationship is doomed. So with that being said, they are honest with one another, even if it hurts. They understand that lying to one another is just NOT worth it! It’s better to be upfront with each other because lying causes division and unwanted problems.

Neither one of them are selfish to a fault. They are both okay with compromising because they understand that you can’t expect to ALWAYS get your way. That’s just not fair to either one of them.

Kings and Queens are NOT perfect by any means. They have their bad days too. And yes, they have disagreements just like everybody else, but they don’t stay mad at each other for too long. They fully understand that anger, bitterness, and resentments lead to much greater problems. So they make sure that they communicate the problem once they’re both cooled off.

To have a love like this is unmatchable! 

May all of you one day find YOUR King and YOUR Queen.

What a BEAUTIFUL kind of love this is! Absolutely Beautiful!

Written by Stephanie Lahart (California Author & Poet)

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