Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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A Perfect Love Ruined A Poem by Stephanie Lahart

I gave you way too much credit

Trusted you 100%

Opened up my wounded heart to you

Allowed you to see the real me

My strengths, weaknesses, and flaws.

I saw the best in you

When everybody else had nothing good to say about you

I stood proudly by your side

Built you up

And loved you unconditionally

In spite of everything that was being said.

I believed every word that you spoke

Every plan that you made for us

Every promise that you guaranteed

And every dream that we’d fulfill together

Oh, yes! I believed.

You and I were perfect for one another

Too good to be true

In many people’s eyes

We had a love that was extremely rare

Genuine and solid as a rock.

We accomplished great things together

Built our family from scratch

From nothing

To having it all

Through our hard work

And dedication to us.

Ample money in the bank

Awesome careers

Yearly vacations

Good health

Beautiful children

Our life was envied by many.

And then you ruined it all!

You made a choice to cheat.

Be deceitful.

Compromise our family.

My complete trust in you.

How could you?

I’ve tried over and over to forgive you

But I always fall short

Can’t seem to get past all of your deceitfulness

Your lies. Your lies. Your fucking lies!

I ‘m so hurt!

I’m so damn angry with you!

I’m confused!

I have no understanding!

I want to trust you again, but I just can’t.

Your lies have made me numb to love. I’ll never trust again.

My heart is freezing cold.

I won’t allow it to thaw out.

Never again will I open up my heart.

No way... never!

My heart isn’t willing,

And my mind isn’t either.

Gave you my all just to get fucked in the end.

Love is a gamble... You just never know.

Written by Stephanie Lahart
California Author and Poet  

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