Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Mother’s Greatest Pain: Poem by Stephanie Lahart

A Mother’s Greatest Pain - Poem

The terrible news was just too much for her to bear
Her tears poured down her face like a severe rain storm
She fell to her knees
Too weak to stand on her feet
No strength. No understanding. Her soul left her body.

They Killed Her Son

They took her everything
They took her precious seed
They took her pride and joy
They not only took her child, but
They took her sole reason to live

They took away her smile
Her happiness was replaced with sadness
Her eyes couldn't hide the pain and the grief that engulfed her
They killed her son
The one that she raised
The one that she loved with all of her heart and soul

They took an innocent life “just because”
No regard for his life
No remorse
No apology
They told nothing but lies just to cover their asses
Covering up what REALLY happened

There’s no excuse for all of this killing going on
Taking the lives of our black men
This evilness has got to stop
This isn't a game!
Taking another’s person’s life just because you can

It shows your TRUE character
It shows just what kind of person that you TRULY are
It shows that you've got some real deep issues within
You’re supposed to protect and serve all of us, right?
But it seems like that’s one big joke!
A joke that African-Americans don’t find very funny

And to think that you’re somebody’s son
You’re somebody’s husband
You’re somebody’s father
You’re somebody’s uncle, cousin, friend, or associate
But do they really know the REAL you?

Do they know the wickedness that runs through your veins?
Do they know your hate for black men?
Do they know how evil you are?
Do they know that you have no heart and no soul?
You took an oath to do what’s right, but instead,
You get off on shooting and killing black men

Oh, I forgot, he’s just another nigger, right?

To all of the mothers out there
I know this is difficult and hard to digest
You shouldn't be burying your child
Grieve as much as you have to, and may
Peace be with you in your time of loss

I pray for justice in your situation. Real justice!

Written by Stephanie Lahart (Author & Poet)