Saturday, December 6, 2014

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Torn and Confused A Poem by Stephanie Lahart

Damn! I HATE that I’m feeling this way.
I know how much you love and adore me
Always sacrificing and spoiling me
Putting me first and taking care of me
And I know very well that you’re crazy about me

Crazy about my smile
Crazy about my walk
Crazy about the way I carry myself
Crazy about my personality
Crazy about the whole package that you see in me

I love and care for you, but I’m questioning
If I’m “in love” with you
I don’t understand why I’m feeling this way
Women would kill to have a man like you
I’m so fucking torn and confused

I don’t want to hurt you or cause you any pain
I don’t want to break your heart like the others did.
Deep down in my heart
I know you couldn't handle that kind of pain again
I care SO much for you, BUT…

I feel lonely. I feel like I need something new.
I’m bored in this relationship
I feel like I’m not living
The everyday routine is just not enough
I need to see and experience new things

I need to get out of the “norm”
I've got this need to fly and be free
Meet new people and live life on the edge
Make mistakes and let loose
Live on the wild side

When I think about causing you pain
My heart hurts to the core
Can’t stand the fact that I've changed
Growing apart from you, and yet still love you

What am I to do?

Written by Stephanie Lahart
California Author and Poet

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