Saturday, December 6, 2014

Stephanie Lahart Self Poems | Inspirational Poem about Living Life, Forgiving Yourself, and Allowing Yourself to be Loved | Poems about Being Free and Living Life | Encouraging Poems for Him and Her

Allow Yourself to Be Free A Poem by Stephanie Lahart 

Open up your heart to receive the love that you deserve.
Let your past mistakes make you stronger and wiser.
Forgive yourself and be at peace.
Love yourself and see the best in yourself!
Respect yourself!
Be good to yourself!
Take care of yourself because YOU are important!

Leave your comfort zone behind.
Get out and see new things.
Experience all that life has to offer 
Be spontaneous!
Let down your guards!
Do things that bring happiness to you!
Smile and laugh, laugh and smile.
You’re on your way to being free!

LIVE, and don’t just exist.
Make every day count for something.
Create memories that will live after you’re gone.
Love, love unconditionally.
Allow yourself to be vulnerable, because it’s okay.
Communicate your feelings, don’t hold them in.
Be bold, and stand up for what you believe.

Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.
Always remember how important you are.
Don’t allow anybody to keep you down.
Stand tall!
Keep your head up!
Never lose confidence in yourself!

We all make mistakes; nobody’s perfect.
Learn, grow, and do better.
Pay attention to life and life will show you many things.
Increase your knowledge and be open to learn.
Never underestimate what you can learn or do.
Give yourself chances and don’t doubt yourself!

To be free is to really live.
Live your life and live it well.
No more regrets!
No more shame!
No more thinking about what you should’ve done!

LIVE! That’s all... LIVE and be free!

Written by Stephanie Lahart 
California Author and Poet

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