Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Loneliness: A Passage by Stephanie Lahart

Beware of loneliness. It’ll surely cause you to do things that you’ll later regret.

Loneliness will have you doing things that you never thought you’d do. Loneliness will have you hanging out in places where you know you don’t belong. Loneliness will cause your mind to think about things that are way out of your character. Loneliness will have you lying, cheating, sneaking around, making excuses about the things that you’re doing, and have you start to believe that it’s okay. Loneliness will have you fantasizing about things that you wouldn't normally dare act upon. Loneliness will eventually cause you to question: “What’s wrong with me, why hasn't anybody chosen me?” It will slowly tear down your self-esteem. Loneliness will cause you to hang out with the wrong crowd. Loneliness can attach itself to you and, before you know it, you’ll become a slave to whatever it wants you to do.

I’ll say it again. Beware of loneliness! Loneliness can break you ALL the way down. It can have you addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol, hurting yourself, and so many other things that are unhealthy to your well-being.

That is why it’s so important to love yourself. Things and people cannot complete you or make you whole. You have to reach deep down in your soul and tell yourself: “I may be lonely, but I will NOT subject my soul to hell. I will not lower myself for a quick fix in my life.” You have to understand, it’s just that…A quick fix. Take the time and play the tape all the way through. Ask yourself: “If I do this or if I do that,” what will be the consequences? How will this affect my life? Then go a little further. Ask yourself the big question: “Is this worth ruining my life?” 

We have to value our lives. Each day that we wake up and breathe, it is a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted. It’s important to know that everything has its place and time. Learn to be strong and content by yourself. Your time will come. But, in the meantime, love yourself. Take the time to get to know who you really are as a person. Be patient and remember this: When we try to rush and make things happen before its time, it’s sure to fail. Take this precious time to work on yourself, get to know yourself better, and don’t forget to love yourself. Self-Love is important and needed. You are important! You matter! You count!

- Stephanie Lahart (Author & Poet) 

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