Thursday, August 7, 2014

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DRUGS Poem by Stephanie Lahart

All you do is ruin people’s lives!
You erase every dream.
Break up and destroy families.
Take away any and all self-esteem.
Cause people to lie, steal,
And subject themselves to do just about anything.


And, sadly to say, some young kids too.

Giving up their body,
Being used and abused.
Selling their soul for a quick fix.
Addicted and can’t find their way out.
A slave to do whatever it wants them to do.



Families are hurting.
Praying for a miracle.
Asking themselves “what went wrong?”
Some, taking all of the blame.
Can’t seem to forgive themselves.
Anguish. Heartbreak. Disappointed.

Nobody wins!
Drugs have control and they won’t let you go.
Trapped in your own mind,
No strength to break free.
You feel you’re a lost cause, so let you be.


If you haven’t used drugs, don’t even start.
As you can see, drugs will tear your life apart,
Or take your life altogether.
There’s NOTHING fun about using drugs,
Don’t believe the hype.

DRUGS only
And destroy lives!

Think about your actions.
Think about the choices you make.
Think about what you’re getting ready to do.
Think it all the way through.

Drugs aren't your friend!
It won’t make things better!
It won’t make things go away.
It won’t make you happy.
It will simply take everything away that you love and care about.

Think it all the way through.
There’s nothing in this for you but destruction.

Live your life wisely!
Be good to yourself!
Take care of yourself.
Love yourself!
But if you're not strong enough to do it on your own,
I encourage you to get help...
Do it for YOU.

Make no mistake about it...
YOU count!

Written by Stephanie Lahart
California Author and Poet

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