Monday, August 11, 2014

Who Told You: Poem by Stephanie Lahart

Who Told You

Who told you that you were worthless?
Who told you that nobody would ever love you?
Who told you that you’d never amount to anything?
Who told you that you weren't pretty or handsome enough?
Who told you that NOBODY cares for you?

Always compared to others.
Never could do anything right.
Ridiculed and talked down upon.
You were a loser in their eyes.
Unwanted, unloved, and alone.

Yearning to be loved and accepted.
Yearning to be hugged.
Yearning to hear kind words.
Yearning to feel important.
Yearning to feel whole and complete.

Life has been a complicated road for you.
Mentally abused from the ones who should love you.
I know it’s been a painful road,
But I encourage you to forgive, heal and let it go.
Do it for you!

I know that words hurt and they cut deep,
But you've made it thus far!
Don’t you dare give people that much power over you.
Remember who YOU are! Know that YOU are worthy!
Always hold your head up high!

Remember to forgive, heal, and let it go.
You've got a healthy life to live.
Rid yourself of hate, resentments, and anger.
Live a joyful life!
Live your life in peace! Complete peace!

It’s time!

- Stephanie Lahart (Author & Poet)