Monday, July 7, 2014

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Remember When A Poem by Stephanie Lahart

Remember when I used to allow you to belittle me,
Made me feel like I wasn't worth anything?
Low self-esteem
No self-love
Wasn't quite sure of who I was

I put up with your crap because I thought I could change you.
Loved, supported, and encouraged you.
Overlooked your faults,
Ignored all of the signs,
Loved you more than myself
I lost myself in you

Forgot about my dreams
Stopped doing the things that brought me joy
Threw away every opportunity that came my way.
Busy chasing after you
Trying my best to change you
Wasted time and energy that I will never get back

Blamed you for all of my hurt and pain,
Came to the conclusion that I was to blame.
I allowed you to treat me this way.
I allowed you to be more important than ME.
I've got to accept what I allowed, and push forward

Flash-forward to today,
I am so many things.
Beautiful on the inside,
I don’t hold on to the past.
Love genuinely,
I left my heart open to love again

Yes! I do trust people,
Until they give me a reason not to.
Making somebody else suffer for what YOU did simply isn’t fair.
I've learned to put myself first, because I do count!
To love yourself is to take good care of yourself

Looking at the past serves no purpose at all.
I've got goals and dreams to fulfill.
No time for thinking what was, and what used to be.
For once in my life, I’m focusing on ME.
I love myself
I’m happy from the inside out

I’m complete.
I can stand on my own.
Full of life
Confidence runs through my veins.

I am a woman... A woman with purpose!

Written by Stephanie Lahart
California Author and Poet 

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