Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WICKED: A Raw Slavery Poem by Stephanie Lahart


No hope, No joy, No love, No one to care for me
Broken, beaten, and mistreated
Sold to whoever could afford me
Sold like property and taken away from MY family
Lost, fearful, alone, and tormented daily.

Raped by my Master and many others too
I’m just another Nigger to be used and abused
My soul is empty
It died a long time ago
When I was taken and forced to be a slave
A slave to do whatever I was told to do.

I have no life
My life was taken away from me
That very moment when I was sold into slavery
My name was changed and I am no longer me
I am now who my Master wants me to be.

I, as a person don’t matter, but my labor does
“Go ahead girl!
Get out there and pick my cotton
Cook my food
Come lie in my bed and let me abuse your body
I OWN YOU, and I’ll do as I please!”

Keep your head down
Don’t you dare look them in the eyes
Speak when you’re told or they’ll be hell to pay
You better work hard and you’d better do right
Or you may get a visit in the middle of the night.

You better not cause any trouble
You better not say a word
You better keep your mouth closed
And do as you’re told.

Lynched, burned alive, whipped and whipped some more
Whipped ‘til my skin falls off.
Whipped to the bare bone.
Don’t try to run or you’ll get your foot chopped off
“You can’t run Nigger
I CONTROL you. I OWN you.  I PAID for you.”

Men were broken and afraid to speak up
Referred to as boys
Now isn't that some shit?
Couldn't protect or provide for their families
EVIL prevailed. BONDAGE.

Worked our men from sunrise to whenever
Backbreaking work ALL day long
Beat our men
Shackled our men
Degraded our men
Mutilated our men
Took EVERYTHING from our men.

Unable to read or write
They made sure of that
Wanted to keep us uneducated
And dependent upon them
Kept us ignorant. That was part of their plan.
Work Nigger WORK! Take care of my land.

The face of wickedness was ugly
But the sad thing about it
This was once our reality
A cold, hurtful reality
Slavery is a part of history
A history of living HELL.

Our so-called laws didn't protect us
We were just Niggers
We didn't have any rights
We didn't have a voice.

Slave breeding for YOUR profit
Raped our precious, innocent children
Tricked us and put us against one another
Light-skinned Niggers verses Dark-skinned Niggers
House-Niggers verses the Field-Niggers.


We were Africans, but, because of greed,
African-Americans is what we forced to be
Kidnapped and forced to perform labor for free.

Broken families
Broken dreams
Broken promises

This is a very sad and hurtful reality. But the truth is the truth! You can't be in denial about what's real. 

Written by Stephanie Lahart
Author & Poet

Keepin' it real is what I do. Writing without limits.