Friday, April 25, 2014

Be With The One YOU Love

Are you “in love” with the one that you’re with, or did you settle? Many people are in relationships that they aren't fully committed to. On the outside, their relationship looks perfect, but on the inside, their heart belongs to somebody else.

My heart goes out to people that are in relationships and/or are married to someone because of status, family, money, etc. It must be torture to be with somebody physically, but mentally, you’re thinking of somebody else. Somebody that you TRULY wanted to be with, but you can’t.

Can you just be honest with yourself for a minute? You know that you still think about him/her. Deep down in your heart you would be with him/her if you could. You can’t and won’t get this person out of your mind. They will forever be in your heart. You sometimes fantasize about “what if.” This person was special to you, and still is. Nobody else knows your thoughts and feelings but you. You wouldn't dare speak of it to anyone.

The thought of him/her brings a smile to your face. You sometimes wish that you had the courage to do what you really wanted to do. But you’re so focused on what others will think of you.

What about YOU? Shouldn't you have the choice to be with who you want to be with? It amazes me how family can say that they love you and that they’re behind you, but if you go against the grain, they’re quick to disown you. Hmm…That’s some real food-for-thought for some of you reading this. Love is NOT controlling.

People should be able to love who they want to love. You can’t help who you fall in love with. Why should anybody have to suppress their feelings? It’s just not right.

I hope this passage helps someone out there. Be with who you want to be with. Your happiness matters. Don’t allow what others may think about you to influence your decisions. It’s YOUR life! Love, be happy, and enjoy life! We only get one life, so why waste it?

Stand up for yourself, be courageous, and most importantly of all, be truthful to yourself. Be with the one YOU love!

- Stephanie Lahart (Author & Poet)