Monday, March 31, 2014

Relationship Food-for-Thought

Love me with every ounce of your soul. I want to feel your love, see your love, taste your love, and be in love. I want my body to crave you and ONLY you. I want a love that represents strength. A love that's genuine from the inside-out. When I have thoughts of you, I want a big smile to come across my face. And, when we're apart, I want to be near you. I want your touch to send chills down my spine. I want you to hold me close and be gentle with me.

I want you to treat me with the utmost respect. Love and be kind to me when I'm having a bad day. Can you do that baby? Can you do that for me? Can you love me unconditionally? I want to feel and know that I'm important to you. I want to know in my heart that you appreciate me, and you value what we have. Can you do that baby? Can you do that for me? Can you love me unconditionally? I want your support when I set goals for myself. I want to know that I've got a friend in you. I want to trust you and trust your words. I want to be able to walk next to you and hold my head up high with confidence. Are you getting this baby, do you hear what I'm saying?

I need your help, and I would appreciate it if you would take the initiative sometimes. I can't do it all by myself. We're supposed to be a team, right? Realize when I'm tired and need a break. It would be nice if you would do things without me having to ask you. Real nice! How about making MY day? I put my all into our relationship and family. Yes, I'm strong! But, help from my mate would be appreciated and welcomed. Are you getting this baby? Do you hear what I'm saying? 

Note: I wanted to give my readers some food-for-thought today. Do you see yourself in this passage?

- Stephanie Lahart (Author & Poet)