Sunday, January 26, 2014

Food-for-Thought About Men and Women

Many women are so quick to say that men are dogs, cheats, liars, untrustworthy, etc. But what about how some women treat men? Do you realize how many hurting men that we have in this world? There are a lot of good men that have been hurt and damaged by women. Remember, men have feelings too. Be mindful of how you treat your man. If you have a good man, you should fully respect him. Don’t take him for granted. A real woman values what she has. She represents her man in every area of their relationship.

As a man, you should feel respected, loved, and supported by your mate. A woman should uplift you, not tear you down. A woman should hear you when you speak and not always feel like she has to have the last word. A woman who fully respects you will NOT be selfish. She understands that you’re a team. She has your best interest at heart and vice versa. She won’t say mean and hurtful things to you, apologize, and then do the same thing again. She won’t try to spend all of your money. No need to do that. She doesn't have any hidden agendas. She’s here to stay. She’s into you, not your money. She doesn't need to go out all of the time and be seen. She’s comfortable spending quality time with just you. She’s okay with you showing your sensitive side. It’s okay if you cry. She doesn't look down on you and think that you’re a weak man. She realizes that we’re all human and we all have feelings. She respects you for who you are. You’re a man. You’re her man.

You won’t have to go around looking for her. She’s not a runaround. She’s into one man and that’s you. One man is enough for her. She respects herself even when you’re not around. She’s the real deal. She’s what you call a “real woman.” I’ll say it again. Men, know your worth. You know what kind of woman you want by your side. Don’t go chasing everything in sight. Take your time to get to know her and, most importantly, pay attention to who she really is, not what she looks like. Physical beauty is not the most important thing. You want a woman that is going to truly love you for YOU! Choose wisely.

- Stephanie Lahart (Author & Poet) 

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