Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gift of Life

Christmas has come and gone, but you still have some people that are unhappy, and/or upset because they didn't get the gifts that they asked for or felt that they deserved.

Here's something that I want you to think about and hopefully you'll have a better attitude and gain more wisdom for next year.

While you're complaining about what you didn't get, somebody lost the best gift that we as humans can ask for, and that's the "Gift of Life." Somebody was on their way to visit loved-ones and never made it to their destination due to a fatal car accident. Somebody sat alone with no friends or family to celebrate with. Many families couldn't really enjoy the holidays due to a lack of money. For some people, it was just another day because they were laid-off or fired from their job. There were some parents who were mentally unable to celebrate because they had a sick child or loved-one in the hospital.

Let's take a look at the people that are homeless. Many of them had no food to eat, no where to keep warm, and nobody to give them a hug, a smile, or show them love. What about the people who are in shelters because they've fallen on hard times and they don't have any other means of help?

Take a closer look at your attitude. It's time to grow up! Try your best to be grateful for what you do have. Value what's important! If you want something that bad, buy it yourself. Value life! Respect life! Appreciate life! Live life and be happy! Life is too valuable. Don't waste your time and energy on small stuff.

This is my food-for-thought from me to you. I hope this helps someone out there. Here's to a change in attitude :)

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