Monday, September 16, 2013

Self-Reflection by Stephanie Lahart

You may be in a dark place right now in your life, and you feel like NOTHING is working out for you. I would like to encourage you to do one thing today. Get in a quiet space and reflect back over your entire life. I mean really reflect. Think about everything that has taken place in your life.The good, the bad, the sadness, the hurtful times, the JOY, etc.

You might not always understand "WHY", but I challenge you to focus on all of the good that has taken place in your life. I know that when you're going through a rough patch in your life, you may not want to hear this. You're going to have to push through and fight! Fight for your life because you matter and you count. Don't give up on you! This too shall pass. You're a strong person. That's why you're still here.

PUSH...PUSH...and PUSH some more! Tell your negative mindset where to go. Reflect on the "good things". Reflect on what brings you happiness and peace within. Now stay right there. Stay in that place of serene.

Be blessed and hold on to your FAITH. You may be saying to yourself,  I have little faith right now. That's okay! At least you've got a little faith. Some of you may be saying, I've got no faith. I would like to share this with you. I encourage you to pray! You might not feel like it, but pray anyways. Cry out if you need to. It's okay. God know everything that we're going through. He's not going to leave you alone. We ALL have to go through some things in life. There's no way around it. But I can guarantee you this: God makes no mistakes and his word is true.

I'm going to leave you all with this: TRUST in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Oh yes! Did you think I would leave God out of the equation? Can't do that. I'm wise enough to know that without God we are nothing. You may need to meditate on that for a while. We should be grateful and thankful each day for our health, strength, and to be in our right mind.

Go have yourself a pleasant day! Be ENCOURAGED on this day, and everyday of your life from here on out.

Written by Stephanie Lahart (Author & Poet)