Monday, January 26, 2015

Homeless People - My Personal Views

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Homeless people! Many people look down on them, so that’s why I wanted to write about it just to give you all some real food-for-thought. Hopefully after reading this passage, you’ll have a change of heart if you’re one of those people who feel like ALL homeless people are lazy, just want a hand out, don’t want to work, etc.

First of all, I want to say that I thank God that I've never been homeless, and I pray that I never will have to face something like that as long as I live.

Why am I writing about this and why do I even care?

As I’m out and about I see homeless people all of the time and instead of looking down on them in disgust, I ask myself, “I wonder what happened to them? What is THEIR story?”

Do you realize that not all homeless people are bad people? They are human! Some people that are out there just had an unfortunate fall in their lives and for whatever reason, they were never able to get back on track.

I’m about to share some examples of what could have happened in their lives. I can’t possibly name them all, but I just want to give you something to think about.

Story #1
That homeless man that you turn your nose up to, did you know that he lost his wife and kids in a car accident? That’s right! A drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit their car from the right side and killed everybody except him.

His family meant everything to him. Yes! He had the nice home, the fancy cars, the booming career, but all of this meant nothing to him anymore because he had nobody to share it with. He’d always been the strong one in the family, but this was just too much for him to bear. He lost it! Literally!

Story #2
That lady that you just looked and shook your head at, did you know that she had a childhood from hell? Yep! She was abused all of her life by the hands of her own father. Her mother knew about it, but she acted as if she didn't see anything.

When this little girl grew up and was old enough to leave the home, she was already damaged in every way possible. So she took to the streets just to get by. Now that’s she’s much older she just walks the streets talking to herself. She’s literally out of her mind. For many years she used drugs just to try to numb the pain, but instead, she got caught up in the street life. She honestly tried SO many times to get it right, but her painful past always got the best of her. She just didn't have the strength, will, or courage to pull through her past.

Story #3
You know that young adult that you see hanging out at the park down the street from your job. As you walk by, you always think to yourself “Why is he always carrying around that baseball and glove in his hands?” Well, did you know that he lost his mother at the tender age of 14, and he and his father have greatly struggled to let her go? This young man has endured a lot in his short life, but his father did the very best that he could. Unfortunately, he lost his father 3 years after his mother passed away from cancer.

This young man was left on his own. He didn't have any close family that he could turn to. His passion has always been playing baseball, although he doesn't play anymore. Carrying his baseball and glove brings him a little peace in his mind. It reminds him of his beautiful parents and how they used to support him. They were his biggest fans!

He’s homeless, but he stays at some nearby shelter when there’s room available. Not only could he have gone pro, but he was a straight A student that took all honors classes. But all of his dreams were shattered when he lost his father. That was the last straw for him. He’s a good kid, but he just doesn't have the drive anymore. He just exists with no motivation or hope for himself.

Story #4
You know that older gentleman that just asked you for something to eat? Although he hasn't shaven in God knows when and he smelled like he hasn't had a shower in days, this man used to be somebody that everybody respected and loved!

You see, he used to be a very successful banker, AND he was an accomplished artist. He not only had a successful career, but he volunteered his time helping at-risk youth in underprivileged neighborhoods. Everybody loved him because he had a big heart, and he truly cared for people.

But one day while he was at work he received a devastating call informing him that his best friend, whom was his grandmother, had just passed away. His grandmother taught him valuable things about life. He was who he was because of her constant love and support. When the love of his life passed away, he was never right since. He started drinking heavily until it took control of his life and consumed him. He lost everything!

Although he was highly educated and extremely articulate, he couldn't keep it together. Who would have ever thought that he’d be going down this road? No one! But life happens, right?

I’m going to bring my examples to a close, but I want you all to remember this: You don’t know a person’s story! It’s not always what it looks like. Be thankful and grateful for what you have and know that YOU are truly blessed!

Homelessness in America is VERY real for many people from ALL walks of life. Try your best to remember that the next time you have an ill thought about them, because they count too! Sometimes things happen to us in life and it can really take a toll on us if we’re not strong enough to handle it. Trust me, it can happen to any one of us.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Racist People - My Personal Thoughts

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I wanted to write a passage about racism, so I’m doing just that!

I used to get really angry at people that were racist, but now that I’m older and wiser, my heart actually feels sorry for people like that. Here’s my take on racism.

Back down memory lane...

I can remember back to when I was in high school. I had a lot of friends from all backgrounds. As a matter of fact, my best friend was white. I had Latino friends, African-American friends, Asian friends, White friends, etc. You name it! I had friends from all cultures and I loved it! We didn't see color. We had fun with one another because we all shared some of the same interests. Things like: music, dance, certain classes we took together, family life, and plans on what we were going to do with our futures. And I can’t leave out the fact that there was plenty of laughter, joking, and good times back in the day.

That leads me to what I’m about to discuss.

How could anybody live their life disliking and/or hating a person because of the color of their skin? I just can’t wrap my mind around that. I couldn't imagine living my life hating a particular race JUST BECAUSE. It’s pure ignorance and makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

Now, I can understand if you don’t like a particular person, but the whole race? Really? What could you possibly be getting out of this? Why do you choose to be so mean, evil, and hateful? Is it because you were taught to hate other races? Did you grow up in a racist household? Do you come from a family that feels like they’re more entitled than others? Look, there could be all kinds of reasons WHY, but I would like to challenge you to do something for me.

Open yourself up to new relationships of different races. Learn to give people of other races a fair shot. Don’t be so quick to judge them by the color of their skin. You could be missing out on great relationships! Learn to look at people’s character as opposed to the color of their skin.

Now let me ask you a question: Do you honestly think that everybody in your race has your best interest at heart? Do you think that everybody in your race can do no wrong? When I turn on the news I see all races doing VERY bad things in this world: Rape. Murder. Committing robberies. Burglarizing people’s homes. Watching child porn behind closed doors, although to the public, they're a well-respected person. Molesting children and ruining their lives. Shooting up schools and colleges, etc. And GUESS WHAT? It’s not just ONE race doing these horrible things. It’s ALL races!

I said all of that to make this point. People are people! You’re gonna have your bad apples in every race. So you have no right to point fingers at a particular race. You just don’t! Every race has bad people and there’s no arguing that!

I myself am a fun-loving, giving, outgoing, funny, and all around great person to know. I am true to being myself! I love life! I value life! I enjoy life! And I love people for who THEY are.

I’ll leave you with this: There’s SO much going on in this world. We ALL need one another whether you want to accept it or not. We need more peace, love, and togetherness.
I encourage you to stop being closed-minded. Learn to be kind to others and be a good person. Stop putting all of your negative energy into this world. Look at people in a different light for a change.

I’m sure YOU’RE not perfect yourself. Nobody is. Just like everybody else, you have your own issues that you deal with too. No matter how much money you have, where you live, status, or whatever the case may be. You’re not exempt from anything in this world.

Really take a look at who YOU are as a person and make some positive changes in your life. Move forward and change how you view other people. You’ll be freer as a person. I’m sure of it!

Do you realize how much energy it takes to be mean and hateful? How could anybody be TRULY happy with hate in their hearts? I just don’t see how that’s possible. Let go of negative energy and live life with peace in your heart!

PEACE…There’s nothing like it!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Inspirational and Motivational Photo Quotes by Author Stephanie Lahart

Quotes and Sayings that are sure to have an impact on your life. Feel free to share them with your friends and family!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Beware of Your So-Called Friends

Don’t be overly shocked when people show you who they REALLY are. Be thankful that their TRUE character has been exposed. Please understand this: Some people talk a good talk, but their real intentions will soon surface to the top. You’re sadly mistaken if you think that everybody’s going to be happy for you. Jealousy and envy are VERY real. I would strongly recommend NOT overlooking what you see, hear, or feel. A lot of times, people show us what they’re all about, but we choose to ignore it.

Don’t waste your time or energy on people who aren't going to be a part of your future. Everybody isn't meant to be a part of your journey. They don’t deserve all of the blessings that you have or are getting ready to receive. Your future doesn't include them. Let people go who just aren't worth it!

Be mindful of the company you keep. Some people smile, joke, and laugh with you, but on the inside, they secretly dislike you because they wish that they were in your shoes. Take note and pay attention. Are your friends REALLY your friends? Food-For-Thought.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Is Your Parenting Style

What are you teaching your children? What are you NOT teaching your children? Do you even take parenting seriously?

Many people have children knowing that they aren't parent material. Many people have children for their own selfish reasons. Many people have children and they know darn well that they can’t afford to take care of them. Many people have children to try to save a relationship. Many people have children because they feel pressured to do so. Many people have children “just because.”

If you’re a parent, ask yourself:

·         Do my children disrespect me
·         Have my children ever hit me
·         Do my children have control over me and the household
·         Is my child/children a bully
·         Do they not respect themselves or others
·         Do my children NOT get along with others
·         Do my children steal from me
·         Does my child/children get bad grades in school
·         Does my child/children have low self-esteem

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you may want to keep on reading. You may or may not be ready to accept what I’m about to say, but I ask that you give it some time to sink in. NOBODY likes to feel like they've failed at parenting, but the truth is, we aren't perfect. We don’t always get it right, but we do have an obligation to teach, discipline, correct, nurture, and support our children. They need our guidance so that they will have a better chance at growing up to be overall good people.

When children are young, some parents blow off unacceptable behavior. You allow your kids to talk back and totally disrespect you. You allow them to get away with hitting. You bribe your children with material things, just so they’ll do what you want them to do. You try so hard to be their friend that you forget that you’re their parent first. You overlook their not-so-good behavior. You make excuses for why they do the things that they do. You don’t hold your children accountable for the choices that they make. They don’t listen or follow rules. And your children have an “I don’t care” attitude.

I know that’s a lot to take in, but for some of you reading this, it’s the truth. And sometimes hearing and facing the truth can sting, and YES, even hurt. But I challenge you to really take a look at your parenting style. What kind of things do you say and do around your children? Are you truly setting an example? What can you change and/or do better? What is your parenting style doing for your children? Can you honestly say that you’re proud of who your children are? And most importantly, can you say with all honesty that YOU’RE a good parent? Remember: Good parenting has nothing to do with what we buy our children or what we do for them. Real parenting goes way further than that. It’s NOT material. You can’t buy their love or respect.

You can give a child EVERYTHING, and they can still give you hell and mistreat you.

If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to take the steps to make a change. Your children may go against you at first, but stand firm. You have to lay down some ground rules and stick to it. No matter how hard it gets, don’t give up and don’t give in! Your children are acting out because you have allowed this to go on for far too long. Maybe you’re trying to make up for something, but letting your children get away with this kind of behavior is NOT acceptable.

You are the parent! Don’t allow your children to even think that they have control over you. You’ve got to dig deep within your soul and find the strength to take control and get your house in order. Imagine the peace that you will have! Imagine how peaceful your household will be in general. Imagine your life in harmony. Just imagine!

I don’t want you to feel sorry for yourself either. I need you to do what it is you have to do. Things may not be what you want them to be at this moment, and you have to be willing to accept that. Accept it and move forward. Reflect on how you got here and what you can do differently now. Make up in your mind what you’re not willing to accept anymore.

Your children do NOT have a right to disrespect you in any kind of way. Don’t make excuses.

If you have done all that you can possibly do, don’t be ashamed to try counseling and/or reach out to somebody that you feel could impact the situation in a positive manner. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help.

I’ll leave you with these tips:
·         Communicate, communicate, communicate.
·         Listen. Listen carefully.
·         Show love. Genuine love.
·         Encourage. Don’t be negative and discouraging.
·         Spend quality time with your children.
·         Show them that you appreciate them.
·         Set good examples for them to follow. They are watching you. They don’t miss anything.
·         Don’t be SO busy that they feel ignored and/or unimportant. Find a good balance.

It’s going to take work, a lot of work. But I’m sure you’d agree that your family is worth it. Your family is worth the fight.

Don’t be afraid to invite change into your lives. The New Year is right around the corner. Do yourself a favor and start the process now! 

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Value Your Life

Be mindful of who you associate with. Everybody isn't meant to be a part of your life.

You prayed so hard for change in your life and now you’re headed back down the same ol’ road. You’re letting the same people back in your life that God got rid of. What is it going to take? Do you not understand how valuable your life is?

For once in your life, be strong! Have the strength and courage to do what’s right for YOU. Think more of yourself and learn to give yourself a chance. It’s time to grow up and make better choices for yourself. Respect yourself enough to let people go that aren't beneficial to your life. Have the courage to stand alone if you have to.

Allowing the wrong people in your life can bring some serious consequences along with it. Choose wisely! If people want to be a part of your life, make sure that they deserve it or they've earned it. The choice is yours!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let There Be LIGHT

Let there be light in how you treat others. Let there be light in your attitude. Let there be light in your personality. Let there be light in your behavior. Let there be light in your conversations. Let there be light in your thinking. Let there be light in how you carry yourself.

When people come into contact with you, does your light shine? Take a minute to think about it. Are you one of those people that like to start arguments? Are you one of those people that bring down the mood? Are you one of those people who gossip all of the time? Are you one of those people that are always negative and have nothing positive to say? Are you one of those people that others dislike to see coming? Are you one of those people that are self-centered? Are you one of those people that like to start rumors and keep up drama?  Are you one of those people that have a bad attitude?

What kind of person are you? That’s a valid question that most people don’t take the time out to think about. If your light isn't shining or it’s dull, it’s time to make some changes in your life. NOBODY likes to be around people who bring them down. BUT, there’s no need to feel bad if you do some of the things that I've pointed out. This is an eye-opener for you and an opportunity for you to make some changes. Change is good, especially if it’s going to better you as a person. I challenge you to really take a look at YOU. What do you see?

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